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A disturbing, erotic novel about Hitler seen through the eyes of the woman who worshiped him

“Mueller’s book is the reason you start a publishing house. She lights a fuse for a new generation of debate on old settled questions. You don’t abandon the field because it’s explosive; you collect kindling to build the heat. I would have signed her novel at Grove in a heartbeat.” —Barney Rosset, Founder, Grove Press

Eva understands Hitler is married to Germany and must herself stand back unacknowledged as he enclasps the world in a passionate, pythonlike thrall. Until the last days in the final chapter of the Third Reich (and the first chapter of the novel), when Adolf and Eva move into their first home together, the Fuhrerbunker. There, deep underground, hidden from the light of day and the light of history, but laid fully bare to the author’s unblinking eye, Eva Braun’s unquestioning patriotism and patience finally pay off—in a private wedding ceremony and a cyanide capsule.

Mueller imagines the claustrophobic and morally twisted underground world of the Third Reich’s last gasp. All the Fuhrer’s men and women, like rats in a trap, grow more and more desperate, more and more perverse, as they compete for the final crumbs of attention from their doomed leader. Only one soul remains calm amid the chaos: the ever-patient, ever pliant paramour of the vilest man who ever lived.

As the world around them goes astoundingly mad, their devotion to each other remains unsullied. Trusting. Even innocent.

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••• How does a woman love the most evil man in the world? ••• First erotic narrative about Braun’s mysterious affair with the general who was married to Germany. ••• To be published on the anniversary of the Hitler/Braun wedding suicide. ••• Follows the interior life depicted in Bruno Ganz’s 2005 Der Untergang. ••• Based on comprehensive research on Hitler, Braun and Nazi Germany.

NOTE: The Patient Ecstasy of Fraulein Braun contains sexually explicit material suitable for mature audiences.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lavonne Mueller is the recipient of Guggenheim, Rockefeller, and NEA grants for her writing. As a Fulbright creative artist she worked in Argentina and Jordan. Her textbook on creative writing (Doubleday) has remained a classic in schools around the country. She divides her time between Chicago and New York.


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