The Women's Small Business Start-Up Kit

A Step-by-Step Legal Guide

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With more than 10 million women-owned businesses in theUnited States, and more than 400 new businesses launched by women each day, itis no secret that women-owned businesses are a major contributor to theeconomy. THE WOMEN'S SMALL BUSINESSSTART-UP KIT: A Step-by-Step Legal Guide, by business consultant and author Peri Pakroo, is a guidefor those businesswomen.

Why a guide for women? From her 20 years of experience starting,running, and consulting with start-up businesses, Peri Pakroo knows that womenentrepreneurs have special concerns. They want to know about balancing worklife with family life, how to become certified as a woman-owned business, andthe resources available for women entrepreneurs through Women's Business Centersand microlenders.

But Pakroo, author of thebestselling The Small Business Start-Up Kit, steers clear of theinspirational pep-talk that dominates so many women's business books. Instead,she offers a nuts-and-bolts guide to business. She covers drafting a businessplan; choosing a legal structure; borrowing money and managing finances;marketing; launching a website; hiring employees, andmuch more.

Written in plain English even whenit delves into complicated legal and financial details, this guide isinvaluable to women entrepreneurs of every stripe-from those who want moreflexibility in their work life, to those who want the power and independence toimplement their own ideas, to those looking for a new career or change afterage 50, to those for whom self-employment is a survival strategy between jobsor during personal upheavals like divorce. Pakroo peppers The Women's SmallBusiness Start-Up Kit with perspectives from successful women who havestarted businesses (everything from consulting practices and technology firmsto day spas and online stores), making for fascinating reading.

The book includes a CD with usefullegal forms , such as a partnership agreement, and spreadsheets, such as a cashflow projection.

Advance Praise

Library Journal, May 15, 2010

Pakroo, an attorney and small-business expert, plumps up her earlier book, The Small Business Start-Up Kit: A Step-by-Step Legal Guide (6th ed., 2010), by adding material that focuses on the unique needs of women entrepreneurs. Both books offer solid advice on crafting a business plan, designing a marketing strategy, choosing the appropriate legal structure, handling employment issues, and working with legal and financial professionals. In this new volume, Pakroo adds an opening chapter on work/life balance that discusses working with spouses, mixing business and children, and designing a business structure compatible with career and family goals. She covers the challenges of home-based businesses; considers financial, tax, and health-care considerations for women; and provides a list of agencies that serve women in business. There are tips, anecdotes, and practical insights from a number of accomplished women entrepreneurs on such topics as business travel with children and creative ways to reduce child care costs. The accompanying CD includes extended interviews and a collection of financial forms and worksheets. VERDICT There is enough distinctive material here to justify owning this as well as Pakroo's other title, at least in larger public libraries. Newly entrepreneurial women will appreciate this source.-Joan Pedzich, Harris Beach PLLC, Rochester, NY

"What a great,practical and readable resource! This is not your typical"motivational" business start-up book, but a detailed guide to allthe steps of actually getting started, including specific tips and resourcesfor women entrepreneurs. Peri's book clearly details all the nuts and bolts ofstarting a business so often lacking in how-to books. A must-read before youlaunch."

-- Lindsey Johnson, formerNational Director, SBA Office of Women's Business Ownership

"Don't even thinkabout starting a business without reading this book. Approachable, easy tounderstand and totally straightforward, Peri has done a service to all futureentrepreneurs by giving solid advice to set you up for sustainablesuccess."

-- Amy Swift Crosby,Founder, SMARTY, A Resource for Entrepreneurial Women

If you're a woman and wantto go into business or at least explore the possibility author Peri Pakroo hascreated The Women's Small Business Start-Up Kit with you inmind. A comprehensive, well-researched, reader friendly practical guide thatpromises to take your idea or skill and turn it into a successful business. Doyou have questions about the proper paperwork? There is help. The kit includesall of the business forms and agreements needed to get started on the includedCD.

-- Patricia Punt,

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